SaaS | Remote


These days, you’ll hear people from every discipline wishing they had a “common filesystem” where all their applications could share data seamlessly. The same way everyone has a personal computer (now multiple personal computers), our client has a thesis that everyone will have a personal database that augments them wherever they are, on whichever device they use. The company’s CEO has been recognized by Forbes in their 30 under 30 list and was pegged as one of the 40 social entrepreneurs to watch for in 2021. This is an exciting opportunity to form part of an ultra-talented team and help them on their declared mission to help people make sense of the world and think well.   


We are looking for a seasoned Web Engineer to help them drive forward. Today, their product utilizes Typescript, React, and Firebase. As they begin to implement E2E encryption/key management, federated graph protocols, and more – they see a bright future in Rust; In-browser (wasm), in-app, and for decentralized graph database reference implementations (open source).

This is a remote-first role, so you can work from anywhere in the world. This startup maintains core working hours of 9:30AM to 2PM Pacific, when they're all online and available at the same time. They strive to be clear in their communication and their foundation is based on trust.


We are seeking out passionate and skilled developers with a high degree of emotional intelligence who are looking to make a difference in how people learn and make sense of the world. 

Our client is building a new open source database engine with the express intent of creating a federated network and protocol. You will be tasked with reviewing current architecture, building small PoCs for various aspects, as well as working on a centralized version of their database for internal use.


●  At least five years of experience as a web software engineer.

●  Must be very comfortable with the Rust

●  WebAssembly 

●  LSM trees and Key/Value stores

●  Building indices

●  Query language and relational algebra fundamentals

●  Peer to peer networking

●  Full English proficiency



●  Position is 100% remote

●  Very competitive compensation